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Welcome to Grapes 4u

redwineGrapes 4 U is a hobby shop where people make their own wine. We have been in business since 1992 and throughout that time we have assisted thousands of our customers in selecting the wine varieties which best suit their individual tastes. The most important element in succeeding at this is our staff. We hope you will not only find us knowledgeable but also helpful, friendly, courteous and cheerful.

In addition, our goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys the wine making experience. The process is simple on your part and we’re sure you will enjoy the end product.

Image 1The Ehrenfelser is still here!!

In 2010 we offered an excellent German white wine, Ehrenfelser.  A Restricted Quantity release, it was only available for a few months.  The vast majority of those who tried it asked us to alert them if it was ever offered again.  RJ Spagnols has just advised us that it will have an Okanagan version of Eherenfelser available this Fall.  They also advise that the juice is of superior quality to that used in the 2010 release.  It is once again a limited edition so we are contacting all of you to see how many kits we should bring in.  It won’t be inexpensive, probably in the $195 range, but it will be excellent and well worth the investment.  We will be offering half batches if anyone finds the price to steep but still wants to take advantage of the offering. If you would like some, please let me know.


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