May Specials

Red Wine

8 week $15 off

  • California Merlot (Signature Series)

6 week $10 off

  • Italian Sangiovese (International Collection)
  • California Mystic (Estate Series)
  • Chilean Carmenere (Reserve Series)

4 week $5 off

  • Pinot Noir (Classic Series)
  • Vieux Chateau do Roi (Original Series)

White Wine

6 week $10 off

  • South African Chenin Blanc (International Collection)
  • California Sauvignon Blanc (Estate Series)
  • Australian Grenache Rose Australian (Reserve Series)

4 week $5 off

  • Viognier (Original Series)
  • Riesling (Classic Series)

The 2022 special release kits are in stock. See in the website for details.

Although we’ve down-sized the display area, Ladner Artisan Chocolates are still available in our store