Monthly Specials


Our November 2020 Specials


6 week – $10 off

  • Cabernet/Merlot (Estate Series)

  •  Luna Rosa (Reserve Series)
  • Valpola (Cru Select)

4 week – $5 off

  • Tempranillo (Original Series)

  • Sangiovese (Reserve Series)

  • Pinot Noir (Grand Cru)


6 week – $10 off

  • Gewurztraminer (Reserve Series)

  • Sauvignon Blanc (Estate Series)
  • Australian Chardonnay (Cru Select)

4 week – $5 off

  • Sauvignon Blanc (Grand Cru)

  • Viognier (Original Series)

  • Riesling (Reserve Series)

If you haven’t ordered any of next year’s special release kits, please
check out the details on this site and let us know if any interest you

    The festive port kits (i.e. Orange Chocolate Port) are still available.  

    Some examples are:

    • Chocolate Raspberry Port
    • Chocolate Orange Port
    • Chocolate Hazelnut Port
    • Chocolate Strawberry Port
    • Black Forest Port

    Introduce us to a friend and you each receive a $15 credit on your account.